From the sea to the pan, Kaiousei Enterprise is a promise of quality frozen seafood. Our products follow strict adherence to quality standards at every stage, so that they arrive at your kitchen full of their original freshly caught flavour and nutritional goodness. The key to achieving product excellence lie in selecting only the finest HACCP certified products, and the careful control of temperature throughout all procedures of processing, packaging, and especially transportation.

We follow simple business philosophies: Unfailing adherence to service excellence, honesty, and reliability. We also pay special attention to detail when it comes to the quality of our products, ensuring that each product is free from harmful pollutants and chemicals, ensuring strict quality control measures according to HACCP requirements.


Here at our consumer brands, our love for fine seafood has always been a key ingredient in whatever we do. We attribute our growth to date not only to hard work, but also to our honest desire to offer you only the finest products, at the peak of quality, and always at competitive prices. We deliver this quality unceasingly with unabashed pride and confidence in our good taste - and yours.

With an entrpreneurial and innovative spirit, we constantly push our limits of excellence and strive towards our goals. We look forward to continue sharing our harvest, for you and people all over the world to enjoy.


Michael Lim graduated with a Bachelor in Commerce from the Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. He was an outstanding student, earning a spot on the Dean’s List throughout the course of his studies. An early interest in entrepreneurship piqued even before graduation and Michael founded his first company, Avantworks Pte Ltd, while successfully juggling his studies. Avantworks specialized in digital advertising and nurtured the campaigns of big brands such as Motorola, Siemens, Kirin, SOL Beer, Erdinger and the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Bearing a sharp business acumen, Michael moved on to new and diverse fields thereafter. Today, he manages and leads a number of consultancy firms providing solutions in investment, trading, energy, electronics and digital solutions. Michael plays an active Chairman and/or directorial role in his founded companies - Kaiousei Electronics Pte Ltd and Kaiousei Enterprise Pte Ltd, Orion Consultancy Pte Ltd which specializes in software and mobile app development, Prime Corporation Enterprise Pte Ltd which designs cost-efficient plants and EC (Proprietary Traders) Pte Ltd, a trading firm. One of Michael’s greatest career success was in growing EC (Proprietary Traders)’s investment turnover of up to USD25m under his leadership.

Bond Capital Partners Pte Ltd is Michael’s latest venture, where he serves as the Chairman of the investment holding company established in February 2018. The company manages a current USD30m portfolio of properties, exotic and vintage cars, trading, wine and international funds in Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar and Europe.